Janmaat (Janmaet) Family Crest

To the left you can see the Janmaat Family Crest. This crest was designed in 2005 and was registered with the "Centraal Bureau voor Genealogie" in The Hague, Netherlands, on 8th August 2005.

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  Translation from the Dutch:

Centraal Bureau for Genealogy

"The above shown Crest of the Family Janmaat has been entered into the Register of Family Crests of the Central Bureau for Genealogy."

  "This crest has been designed by H.K. Nagtegaal and has been registered ( # 946) at the request of Mr. Dirk Janmaat, Bloemendaal, North Holland, for all the name-bearing descendants of Hendrikus Bartholomeus Janmaat (1904-1985), the father of the applicant."
  "Applicant is a descendant of Adrianus Aertsz. Janmaat, baptized Waddinxveen 13th December 1720, died North-Waddinxveen 4th September 1780, son of Aert Aertse Janmaat and Leuntje Jans Snelleman. Adrianus Aertsz. Janmaat married  Dirckje Bastiaantje Dorst in Waddinxveen 20th June 1751."
  No. 946

The Hague, 8th August 2005





Dr. A.J. Lever

  Notes to the  Janmaat (Janmaet) Family Crest  
  NB: These notes are in Dutch only for the moment.  
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