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Many  Thanks  to  the  following  persons  who  have so generously contributed information to the Janmaat Family Tree. 

In  order  of  contribution: 
    1. Hendrikus (Oom Henk) Janmaat (1911 - 1976)
    2. Marja Knotters - Janmaat
    3. Jan J. M. Sluys
    4. Jan Janmaat (Landgraaf NH)
    5. Joop Baart For his enthusiasm and for his efforts in putting me into contact with other people interested in the Janmaat Family Tree
    6. Michiel Wijers
    7. Marieke Janmaat
    8. Harrie Isfordink
    9. Cees "what's your Source" Smits
    10. Mrs. Ankone-Janmaat
    11. Andre Idzinga

My  sincere  apologies  to  anyone  that  I  may  have  overlooked.



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